The Wedding

Steve Carson
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Oils on canvas.


5000 x 3000mm.

About the artwork

Painted in Stable Lane Art Studios ..Auckland, New Zealand 1995.

The largest painting I've done to date.

It depicts an ancient family at their ceremonial gathering area to celebrate the union of two of their respective members.

Guardian Totem poles stand guard with watchful eyes..!

An Uncle is blowing the ceremonial Wedding Horn, on the right, whilst far left, an Elephant Grandfather teaches a grandchild the art of horn blowing..Big Mica, beats out a rhythm on his floor drum and young Blossom, holds tight to her sisters horn and her ever-present music stick.

This work is also a celebration of difference with harmony.. Some of the persons/creatures are grey, some brown, a couple almost white, one who is still part Goat and an Elephant Grandfather.

Difference should be celebrated not victimized ..! I love a recent Facebook post where two young boys, one black one white, same age, same height, get the same hairstyle, to trick their teacher, so he/she can't tell them beautiful....

This work is unframed so can be transported inside a capped tube 3300 long, with a diameter of approx 300.


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