Safe Haven - Coro Glen

Souzie Speerstra
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Acrylic on Canvas.


1460 x 960mm.

Exhibition - Past Meets Present

"My past. My present. Both involve the Coromandel.. I guess its in my blood.

Ever since Lance and I moved down to our land I have been thinking, or rather contemplating the lives of those before us, those that carved out a living from the lands and waters of the Coromandel.... many of whom still have family here now.

My personal history only goes back one generation... I was bathed in a bucket over Christmas in 1963 and have been smitten ever since.

I’m thinking I want to traverse back in time with my imagery.... not copying old black and whites, but maybe like an unwritten recipe, I can combine ingredients... the ghosts of the past with local history and adding a large dollop of imagination to give it a refreshing modern twist." - Souzie Speerstra.

About the artwork

The Gumtown Hall like many other rural meeting places is still in use today, but is long past her heyday at the centre of a rural communities heart.

Behind her sits an ancient Pa... Once the safe haven for a sub-tribe of the Ngati Hei. The shape of the rocky hill echoed in the shape of the Halls roof. The wandering Waiwawa river through the fertile flats. A Safe haven as the storm approaches and the wilderness beyond is dark and daunting.


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