Pounamu Koru Wave Toki

Paora Martin
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About this Pounamu

The Pounamu Koru Wave Toki is a handcarved authentic nz greenstone.

Toki had much meaning to the Maori, fashioned from stone or greenstone it was an essential tool for survival and day to day life of a Maori tribe. That's the reason the maori attribute the spiritual meaning of strength and power to the Toki, this symbol resembles determination, control, strength focus and honour. Its shape represents an axe head.

Artist Paora Martin Whakapapa.

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Tainui Taku iwi

Ko Ngati Whawhakia taku hapu

Ko Taupiri te maunga

Ko Te Ohaki te puia Marae

About Pounamu 

Pounamu is renown for its highly protective hearts-space vibration.


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