Oranges in a Seagrass Basket - Framed - 4 of 65

Michael Smither
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Silk screen-print on Archival paper - 4 of 65

Framed - Natural timber  1100mm (H)  x 340mm (L) x 30mm (D) 

About the artwork

 Smither's original painting was painted in 1979.

Inspired by the shape of his rock paintings and wanting to transfer that concept into still life, Smither considered different aspects of shape and how some have influenced us through history.

The Seagrass basket was used as a navigation aid by Polynesian voyagers.

"I considered the fall of light on the weave and began to get some idea of how this may have been so.

Of course, most people are impressed by the oranges but this painting is about the basket. 'Oranges in a Seagrass Basket' is considered by many people to be one of my iconic works.

There are two versions in oils, one medium-sized, which paid for our solar heating equipment at Mt.View Place and one large, that lives on the wall of a friends in New Plymouth and is reproduced in Ron Sang's publication Michael Smither, Painter. "

Michael Smither CNZM 2015


This is framed and unable to be couriered. 

This art work is showcased and available for purchase and viewing at The Dunes, Matarangai 741 Matarangi Drive, Matarangi 3592