Only We Can Save Us

Steve Carson
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Oil on Linen.


Unframed - 2860 x 1660mm.

Framed - 2960 x 1760mm.

About the artwork

"At the time there were worldwide awareness programs to 'Save The Elephants', poachers were slaughtering their numbers big time - this was not to mention many other species which were being devastated by deforestation etc at the same time, and as it was us humans that were causing all mentioned above - I came up with the title 'Only We Can Save Us'. Us, being all living creatures on this Earth. It has lighter aspects to it of cause which helps balance such a message - long live all living creatures and their habitats!!" - Carson.

Painted in 1990.


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If your space demands something unique, contact Christine Rabarts for your personal in-house art consultation.

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