Drawing Breath

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Limited edition print on canvas  - Edition 2 of 30.


600 x 400mm.

About the artwork

"This is Rachel, my Mum. The sketches and reference photos for this painting were done on the day before I left her home in Liverpool, heading back to NZ, after my 2016 trip to the UK. I’m very close to my Mum – we still talk every week on the phone – and over the years we’ve discussed everything, often at the tea table, where we’ll sit together long after the tea has gone. Mum’s fragile physique is largely a result of anorexia and nervous anxiety but it camouflages a strong life force and a warmth and generosity which have been both inspiring and incredibly encouraging. Mum has been supportive of all of my creative endeavours, and delighted in sharing my journey – and I’ve found her (quite different) response to life one of the most important factors in establishing my own ideas and outlook".


Free of charge within New Zealand. 

About the artist

"As an art tutor I focus mainly on realism and teaching my students how to SEE - I pride myself in creating a supportive and enlightening environment which allows my students to step into a new space and uncover their artistic depths.

As a contemporary fine artist I unapologetically explore the medium of acrylic paint in any direction my heart takes me, from realistic portraiture to cartooning to abstract expressionism... and beyond. My painting is always autobiographical, and evolves as fast as I do. 

As a coach, I offer ​team building and personal development workshops tailored to any corporate environment - adapted from my extensive experience over the past 20 years as an Arts Professional in the UK and New Zealand. The content is based on the amazing results achieved by adult students (aged 16-80) attending my creative classes and workshops, feedback from numerous public speaking engagements, experience as a curator, employer, business owner and interaction with executive boards.

By teaching your team the science of perception and “changing the way you see” in both a physical and emotional sense, individuals learn how to: improve self-leadership skills, reduce conflict, enhance their personal communication and problem-solving capabilities, discover how to interpret their reactions and express themselves more positively with a “bigger picture” awareness.

I also offer masterclass workshops and tuition for artists at all skill levels. I've worked professionally in the Visual Arts for over 20 years - as Business Owner; Gallery Director; Arts Administrator; Marketing Manager; Art Tutor; Author; Potter; Painter; Illustrator and Sculptor... and loved it all!