Nemesis 1.4

Brad Novak
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Screenprint Edition of 50 - Premium-quality limited edition 4-colour screenprint on High-Brite Art Paper (250gsm).


300 x 410mm.

About the artwork

Brad Novak artworks, while at first glance visually striking, call for a paradigm shift in the way we experience life itself. Our over-reliance on science and technology has taught humanity to see the world through a dreamlike state that can cause suffering. Many of Novak’s works depict people shedding tears formed from computer circuitry. The artist calls this ‘subconscious escapism’ – the loss of our collective minds. Novak challenges us to reconnect with reality by practicing mindfulness – getting out of our heads so to speak. Western medicine and psychology is finally catching up to the teachings of ancient Eastern philosophy.


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