Another World Is Possible

Steve Carson
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Oils on fine french canvas.


Total width 4290mm, height 1530mm.

Left to right - 665 x 1165mm, 615 x 1300mm, 570 x 1420mm, middle one 590 x 1530mm, 570 x 1420mm, 615 x 1300mm, 665 x 1165mm.

About the artwork

Another World Is Possible - this is the middle panel of the 7, as shown above. Painted 2004 - 2007 in oils on a fine weave, French canvas.

It is a big story, manly about the damage and carnage men have caused in many countries over recent centuries.

On reading essays from university scholars, it became evident that many if not all such men mentioned above, were abused, belittled or abandoned by family members during childhood. Hilter by his alcoholic father, Saddam Hussein by a bereaved mother I came to the conclusion that revenge was a big part of these mens make up. Add selling international armed weaponry to both sides and you get a lethal combination, especially for the often innocent citizens of the world. No excusing them of course, but to me, it shows how important it is that modern parents nurture and be involved in positive ways with their children especially sons, from early life on through.

The right-hand side portrays more than we’d like to see - equality and happiness. The genocide in Darfur was happening at the time and the Bosnian War not long over. The name ‘Another World Is Possible’ came from graffiti written on a white wall in Beirut during a major conflict. There written in bright cobalt blue letters a foot high.

Another World Is Possible - Let’s make it happen!


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