Amazon 2.5 - Unique Pink Collage Variant

Brad Novak
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Premium quality limited edition, white collaged background screenprint, acrylic, mixed media, on Italian Fabriano paper (300gsm).


560 x 760mm.

About the artwork

In many of Novak’s artworks a character looks out of the frame through a digital lens. Modern technology was supposed to make our lives easier and happier. The allure of more downtime was a deceptively false promise. Rather than making our lives simpler, and slower, the digital world is speeding everything up. We think we are more connected but in fact, we are isolating ourselves (more superficial ‘friends’… more casual likes… empty dopamine hits… which the artist compares to crack cocaine). In the artist’s own words:

“I believe we who can remember first-hand what it was like before the internet have a duty to future generations - it’s increasingly hard for us to switch off. This is not the path to happiness. What will our children’s lives be like? These artworks continue to be my commentary, and warning, about the problems with an ever-increasing technological age”.


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