Hangi Stone Fiery Mountain

Lynden Over
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About the artwork

This piece is part of the volcanic series - fiery mountain. This vase is an original piece by master glass artist Lynden Over. It is excellently suited as collector’s item, flower vase or interior design accent.


Height 130mm x length 240mm.


Free of charge.

About the artist

Lynden Over – World renowned New Zealand glass artist Lynden Over is a highly regarded and award-winning New Zealand glass artist.

His style is striking and unusual. His inspiration comes from the distinctive and dramatic New Zealand landscape; its geology and its light. The work itself awakening our senses. Lynden Over trained at North Tec in Whangarei, New Zealand. He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied arts. On the completion of his study he continued to work in glass. Lynden rented a local glass studio where he developed his own original range of collectable art glassware. His extensive training in glassblowing, jewellery making and sculpture brings a unique quality and form to his work.