Stingray Bay Paradise

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Acrylic on Canvas.


640 x 790mm.

Exhibition - Turangawaewae

Our sanctuary where we stand our tallest, Where we feel empowered and connected, our foundation, our home. It is the place that gives you more energy than you put in, revitalises you, puts things in perspective and gives you strength. These places are discovered along the journey of our lives, what happened there, their images and how they made us feel hide quietly in the recess of our memory. We carry our Turangawaewae with us but every so often they call us back. These are my places, they are constructed from memory so they hint at the truth while holding many treasured memories gathered over the span of my life so far. They are where I’ve felt awe and wonder about life itself. They are where I’ve adventured with friends and family, they are my home.


Free of charge within New Zealand.