Below Te Pare Point, Hahei Beach - Painting - J.ELLEY

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Exhibition - Liminal

Oil on Board
450mm x 500mm

Further to Elley's 2016 exhibition Beneath the surface in Liminal 2018 (definition: occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold) I continue to search for imagery, between worlds, that evokes a sense of the "yet to be explored".

The ocean has long been seen as a symbol for the subconscious in the bible and mythology, and while some paintings in this series are more realist, others more spacious and poetic; all are linked to the idea of exploration of external and internal worlds. When separated from land and immersed in the ocean a different perspective of the familiar is experienced.

In these works Landmarks are obscured by the surface tension of water, or optically blurred as the closer body of water takes on a sharper focus. The landmarks are seen more as shifting forms than safe anchors of knowing.

As in my previous series, the vigour of the ocean has continued to influence my painting method. Areas of focus are contrasted with blurred movement, at times viewed through veils of transparent glazes capturing the constantly shifting light or splatters and bubbles, embodying the energy of the ocean.