Nick Fedaeff

Nick Fedaeff’s latest collection introduces a new and exciting direction in his work, in which he experiments with two radically different styles at once – Neo Cubism and Renaissance. While his previous work has often been influenced by the old masters, Neo Cubism is a fresh form of expression for him. Fedaeff combines geometric, patterned images with detailed Renaissance-style frameworks. The merging of two such varied styles creates connections where typically there would be distance.

However Fedaeff believes that while development is crucial for an artist, it is still important to bring something from your past work into the new. Within this collection are also pieces which continue exploring familiar themes and styles, such as the surrealist works for which he is perhaps best known.

Childhood is a subject matter he has returned to many times over the years. These paintings are often quirky, with a dream-like quality. But while the theme is not new, the scale and sophistication of these particular works has grown. 

Nick Fedaeff is an internationally renowned artist whose work is exhibited around the world, in particular throughout Europe and the United States.