Family Love

Steve Carson
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Oils on canvas.

Unframed - 900 x 630mm.
Frame - 960 x 690 x 58mm.

About the artwork
This reinforces Carson’s belief in the importance of care and love in a family environment.

“This painting basically represents the family I grew up in.

Mother, Father, two Brothers, two Sisters.

That's me in front with my cattle dog 'Speed'. We grew up in rural New Zealand, farming. I lead two lives in tandem with each other, the real day to day one and the strongly exciting imagined one.

I roamed the countryside by myself with my dog, sometimes sister B or a local friend from an adjoining farm.

There were childhood activities like hut building, fishing, exploring, tree climbing, swimming, mud wallowing, biking.

Daily, it was my job to go get the cattle for milking. A wonderfully rich life for a young fellow. I thank my now passed Parents for their care and love.” - Carson.

 “I come from a big family - I have a big family of my own - I live in a community that is like a big family. I see and know many people who come from big families who are successful and happy so a lot of my work is about this reality. Family in my mind doesn’t just mean biological. It can be extended family, made up of many others, be they friends or people (especially children) who feel a need for family.

I spend a lot of my time alone, painting, but I am sure due to my family and extended family. I am very secure in my knowledge of being loved, cared for and wanted - so that being alone for long periods is no problem for me.

Much of my work is about friendship, families and camaraderie.

There is no doubt we all need each other and the more we help, trust and support others the better life is for ourselves, our community and in the end the population of the world.

Criminals and violent people often have missed out on feeling wanted, or do not see themselves as worthy or loved - hence the rebellion.

Painted in NZ 2011.

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